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    An Introduction to Audio Networking

    As its name implies, audio networking allows you to transport large amounts of data over a single cable. The bandwidth for modern networking transport protocols is enough to carry hundreds of audio channels without the compression once necessary to do so. This means that audio can be moved quickly over long distances without signal degradation or the expense of conventional analog cabling.

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    The Basics of Selecting the Right Loudspeaker

    Investing in high-quality professional loudspeakers and configuring them correctly in your venue will make mixing live sound easier and will provide a more enjoyable listening experience for both the performers and the audience. Live sound reproduction requires reliable performance and consistent coverage throughout the listening area, so professional loudspeakers are worth the investment. PreSonusĀ® has put together this brief tutorial to help you pick out the best loudspeakers for your budget so that you get the best results.

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